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Against Traffic

Jun 22, 2020

Charles Dickens once wrote - "This is a world of action, and not for moping and droning in."

The reason he wrote this was because he understood one fundamental truth - that action is living and inaction is death. Furthermore, he understood that simply being thoughtful about your decisions was action in and of itself -...

Jun 17, 2020

It's been two years since Anthony Bourdain's suicide. Today I talk about some of the lessons that he inspired me to think about...specifically about how to make every day count, whether travelling, eating, reading, or listening. 
The willingness to dive into this world with the intention of LIVING each moment is...

Jun 8, 2020

This podcast is all about personal responsibility, and what it means to take control of this life in a real way. 

Jun 2, 2020

I learned about the concept of Pronoia (aka the opposite of paranoia) from a conversation that Joe Rogan had with Duncan Trussell about a month ago. 
I have been using this in my daily life ever since - the concept that the Universe is conspiring FOR me, rather than against me. 
Take a listen and see what you think. It...